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Company & Corporation Tax Returns

We handle your Company & Corporation Tax Returns

Company Accounts

At Ó Leochain & Associates, we help you to manage your finance function in order to ensure that year-ends are not stressful. As your trusted financial advisor, we stay in regular contact throughout the year, so that we are aware of any major changes in your business. Our fee agreements, with clients, are structured so as to encourage clients to talk to us regularly, rather than being afraid of incurring cost.

We find, that as advisors, this means that client year-ends are managed more efficiently. Many of our clients opt for our bookkeeping service as part of our company accounts offering, as a way of ensuring a seamless year-end procedure. Either way, we are happy to supply you with a competitive quote.

Company Structures

As part of your tax planning and indeed, as part of your desire to maintain your privacy, bearing in mind that abridged accounts are downloadable off the CRO, we will advise you in a proactive manner, how best to keep your information confidential.

Corporation Tax Returns

Even Companies have to pay tax. Because we are a boutique tax practice, when we are performing your year-end, and calculating your income tax or corporation tax returns, we simultaneously prepare the director’s income tax returns. We do this to maximise your advantage between corporate and income tax rates, to ensure the optimum result for you.

To discuss how we could benefit your company, please contact Diarmuid for a confidential meeting.

Services we offer

  • Corporation Tax
  • Personal Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Capital Acquisitions Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Stamp Duty
  • Revenue Audits
  • Employees/Payroll

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