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About Us

Our Firm

Ó Leochain & Associates was established in 2006 by Diarmuid Ó Leochain. Diarmuid holds a B.A. in Accounting & Finance from D.C.U. along with fellowship of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland. Diarmuid is also a member of the Irish Taxation Institute.

This means that Diarmuid, along with being a Registered Auditor, is also a Registered Taxation Consultant. These qualifications, together with the standards and ethical practices followed by membership of these professional associations, guarantees that the advice you receive will be relevant and up-to-date, and that any work carried out on your behalf will be to the highest standard.

Why choose us?

O'Leochain & Associates are an SME, and as such, we are all too aware of the commercial reality in which your business operates. We face the same demands that you do, in running your business, and our service is all about removing those daily and annual accounting stresses, thereby freeing you up to work on your business.

Having a diligent accountant working on your behalf should make your life easier, not harder. And that's what we strive to do every day.

Our clients are real people, not a number in a database. We are aware of the pressures that arise from the variety of business responsibilities, and we see it as part of our service to relieve your bookkeeping pressures.

We like to be first-name terms with all of our clients, and we are always up-to-date with their financial position.

Due to the size of our practice, you get individual attention. That means we give you more than the customary "adequate time" to discuss and review matters.

We tailor our services to suit your needs. This allows us to alleviate some of the commercial pressures and lets you concentrate on what you do best.

We provide a range of accountancy, bookkeeping and payroll services. Additionally, we are experts in helping clients prepare for revenue audits, and get their taxes in order.

Appointments can be arranged outside of normal office hours, and your affairs will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.


General Questions

Isn’t it just larger businesses that need an accountant?
Of course not, even the smallest business can benefit from advice on ways to minimise tax and manage their accounts. If you prefer, we can handle all of your bookkeeping, regular management accounts and VAT returns on your behalf. The added benefit of us being involved is that having prepared the books it makes the final accounts much easier, saving time and keeping costs down.


Working with an accountant is an added cost to any business. However, the cost should be offset by the value they add. We work closely with our clients to achieve their goals. By getting to know you and your business well, we can tailor what we do specifically for your needs and your strategy, thereby adding value.


We aim to provide you with a fixed fee quote that will cover the areas we will work on together. This will be based on the complexity and volume of the tasks involved. Should any additional assignments come up during the year then we will provide a quote in advance, unless the matter is urgent and it is in your best interests to take action on your behalf. We offer you the chance to pay our fees monthly and avoid having a large invoice in one go, which helps your cashflow. One thing is for sure, if you telephone with a query you won’t get a bill. We want you to let us know how you are.

If you want to keep your own accounting records, then that is fine. If you need some help then we can give you some training. Ensuring that you understand the best way to prepare your accounting information makes it easier for us to complete your accounts or tax return. If we do this for you then you can concentrate on running your business.


Sometimes it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes look at your business. We will listen to you and firstly understand the history of the business and then how you want to develop it. We can carry out a “healthcheck” of the operating systems, management and financial reporting in place; advise on any matters arising and recommend any actions required. All designed to match up with your goals, which we established at the outset.


Industries We Serve


Diarmuid Morrissey

Medical Manufacturing

"Direct Medical has been a committed customer of Ó Leochain & Associates for over a decade.

Their specific expertise in corporate financial planning has proven to be of invaluable benefit as we have transitioned from a small family business to part of a major multinational.

The legal landscape is very dense and navigating it is made easy with the help and expertise of Diarmuid and his team. A truly well applied, conscientious and diligent group, we look forward to many progressive future engagements."


Eoin Crosbie

Retail & Forecourt

"As a director and owner manager of a busy Retail and Forecourt I found that I no longer had time to maintain the Finance and Bookkeeping function.
Ó Leochain & Associates have taken this workload away from me, which means that I now have more time to concentrate on working, on my business, rather than working in it.

The preparation of monthly management accounts in a timely manner means that I am reviewing up-to-date figures rather than dealing with historical figures, post year-end, when it’s too late to make the changes that are necessary. The preparation of management Accounts dovetails nicely with the Bookkeeping, which means that it is a very cost effective option for me.

The service that Ó Leochain & Associates provide is ideal for a medium-sized business, such as ours. They are very efficient and professional, yet flexible enough to have adapted their service to suit our changing needs, over the last 4 years. We know that thanks to Ó Leochain & Associates our accounts are in order, our returns up-to-date and our management accounts accurate, which is very reassuring as a business owner."

joe naughton

Joe Naughton


"As someone that works in a regulated Industry, I need to be able to comply with all the taxation and regulatory requirements that apply to my industry. Working with Ó Leochain & Associates means that I have to have an advisor that understands the importance of this to me, and it's great having an advisor who is professionally competent to deal with all that regulation entails.

I’ve been with Ó Leochain's since I’ve started, and they have helped me to manage my business development, and growth, at every stage. As a Director of a company I’m faced with increasing regulatory and legal requirements, Ó Leochain & Associates are, and have been, proactive in advising me of, not only what the current requirements are, but what’s coming down the line. This has allowed me to be proactive in how I do things.

They are also on hand during the year, for advice and answering questions, and no question is too small. I have no problem in recommending their services."


Mark Lennon

Retail & Wholesale

"Retail is a competitive place to be, which mean that my day is taken up by meeting the needs of my own clients, whether through the shop or the wholesale side of my business.

Ó Leochain & Associates have helped me by putting in place the systems and controls, through computerisation, that were necessary to allow me to grow my business in a strategic way. Engaging Ó Leochain & Associates to look after my bookkeeping and company accounts has allowed me to focus on the parts of the business that I enjoy.

I don’t have to worry about deadlines anymore as Ó Leochain & Associates have the software in place to to track them, and I find that they are very proactive in engaging with me. In addition, the Proprietor Diarmuid Ó Leochain has always made himself available to give advice on a variety of issues, such as business strategy expansion and bank financing."

Colin Cunningham

Colin Cunningham

Business Consultancy

"I have worked with Ó Leochain & Associates for many years and have found them to be extremely helpful in all aspects of my business and personal financial requirements. They are extremely well-informed and helpful, which is why I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Ó Leochain & Associates has always provided me with a personal, efficient, commercially-minded and cost-effective service. Every issue that has arisen, from audit to routine tax matters to corporate and estate matters, has been handled for me with great efficiency and professionalism."

Martha & David Ryan

Martha & David Ryan


"I run a small family Bed & Breakfast in Cong, Co. Mayo. My husband, separately, runs his business which consists of Hunting and Fishing Parties, both Irish and International.  Our work is seasonal, and customer orientated, which means that when we're working, we're extremely busy.

Ó Leochain & Associates take away the daily grind of keeping on top of the different revenue returns that need to be made. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any small to medium sized business like our own."